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Trying to avoid countertop fixed over a concentrateslab as you may lose some storage space.It also comes difficult to fix panel & do the carcase part.

Neverthless,if your kitchen has been with granite toops over concrete we will still able to get a modular kitchen done.However make a sure have an interior designer with a through understanding of kitchen consturction & that designer as should be  in  a position to guide you properly on the selection of key products exspecially the design.



If your newly built flat has not been fixed with granite,Wall tiles,Wall paint,Flooring etc ask your builder to do it after your modular kitchen cabinets have been done. We can help you pick a colour and texture of your liking to suit the cabinets depending on factors like size of the kitchen,exposure to natural sunlight.


Basically you have U-Shaped, L-Shaped, G-Shaped, Parallel, Single Wall and Island modular kitchens.
Any good Interior Designer will have technicians & experts sent to your home to measure the dimensions of your kitchen and assess any associated problems like the position of the doors and windows, wall types, sinks, existing set up that cannot be removed etc. After this assessment, the design and layout are finalized and you begin to get an idea of the basic budget.  


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